Sunday, August 10, 2008

To lie or to keep it real?

What do you prefer? A man or a woman that will lie to you or keep it real? There are a lot of people that use the term KEEPING IT REAL and half of those people don't even know how to do that. To keep it real is to first be real with yourself. So basically what it your view?

Juicy's Point Of View: I feel that I would rather be told the truth than to be lied to. I'd rather be hurt with the truth then to be lied to thinking that everything is all good. I believe in keeping it real with myself and others....but some people would choose to spear other people's feelings, but wouldn't you rather that person know the truth and facts instead of them believing lies?

Playing It Safe

Should I be condemned because I choose to keep my heart and everything pertaining to it locked away? It's the best thing to do, to keep myself, my feelings and my heart protected from abuse. How much can one person endure? To trust again, to love again, to even let anyone in.......Is there potential? Should there be? So I'm playing it safe.....To keep myself from enduring anymore heart ache or pain, to keep myself from feeling pain from disappointment and lies, and bullshit.....It could be that I am afraid, afraid to be hurt again.....afraid to trust and give in......So should I be condemned......