Sunday, July 3, 2011

La Boom Baby

Yeah baby...
Viva La Boom...aka #TeamBadBitch#
I've raised the bar
Yeah, moved it up a notch
Cause somebody gotta match my fly
Compliment me, compliment you...compliment each other
Hot mama status & there's no turning back
Me settle for less? NADA
Gainfully employed, college graduate
Book smart, street smart, Intelligent
Sexy, sense of humor, outgoing & down to earth...
Meet me on my level & we can talk
Wanna be with a chick like me?
You gotta do more than just talking
Cause I'm definitely not too much into da small talk
You gotta SHOW & PROVE
Get down to business & show me why I should show you some play
Yeah I said it...and?
Shit, I'm worth it
Me lower my standards? NAH
Cause you see, me, I'm a grown ass woman
On my grown woman shit
I know what I want, I know what I need
I know what pleases me & I want what I want
So you tell me.....
Can you match my fly?
Cause I'm definitely wanted by many
But only prefer ONE in particular
But yeah, I've raised my standards
And If you wanna be with a chick like me
You gotta be on my level
Mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally
Baby I want it all
Fire, desire, passion, intimacy, quality time
Romance, a deep & Intimate connection, chemistry,
love-making...a chick like me wants something real
I'm beyond the head games, past the drama
Over the constant lies & bullshit &
Bored of the empty promises & the senseless talk...
"I miss you" "I love you"
Look, keep the useless talk to ya self if you not PROVING anything
Cause looka here, while you talking that samle 'ol shit
Somebody else is sniffing at my dress, checking for a sista
And my time is too valuable to waste
This queen is sitting at the top of her throne
Waiting for her king to step up & take his seat
So we can rule the world together
So tell me baby, what you got for a sista?
Do you have goals? dreams? a career? college educated? making an honest living? are you strong? independent? what are you in search of?
What are your accomplishments? Your wants & desires? You think you ready for a woman like me? Are you ready to start living and enjoying life?
If you are, baby, I'm here, the real deal
Take your position & brace yourself
Because my expectations are higher than Before
& if you think I'm up to ride an emotional rollercoaster
play tag, sorry or a game of chance...
Then I'm sorry
I'll have the play the goodbye game and let the door knob
Hit you on your way out...
So baby, you choose
Are you ready for the real deal or what?
Because mama won't be around or unattached for too long
And I won't sit around and wait on you until you decide
What you want and need in your life
A queen....waiting on her king
Come rescue me daddy
Your ship has finally come
Are you ready? Because I am