Monday, January 10, 2011


Why should I open up to you?
Only to be let down
Why should I let you fill my head
With all of these fantasies and fairy tales?
You’ll say everything I wanna hear
Only to get what you want
Then when you’re finished
In the end I’ll get NOTHING I want
Then you wanna act brand new, wow
Why should I wear my heart on my sleeve?
So you can walk up to me and stab it?
Why should I think that you’re different from the rest?
Why should I get my hopes up for nothing?
When all that’s being ran on me is a mind game
One minute your hot, the next your cold
I can’t ride on your emotional roller coaster
I can’t and won’t be your Muppet baby, puppet or play thing
My heart is too real and genuine for that
My love is too kind, caring and catering
To let you or anyone unworthy take advantage of it
I am a woman, I’m human and I have REAL feelings
My feelings do count
Maybe not to you but hey, that’s your loss
So why should I believe anything you say?
When things seem “a little off” at times
It’s that woman’s intuition that’s telling me that
Most likely someone else has your attention so
Why should I fall for you?
So I can get my fuking heart broken?
So I can be up crying at night because
I didn’t hear from you or see you?
One minute your up, the next your down
Then you get nonchalant, oh no, I can’t
Did I say I wanted to fall in love or even catch feelings for you?
NO. So why should I listen to you tell me about your feelings for me?
So I can get gassed and end up falling flat on my face
And you won’t be there to catch me?
So the plan is for me to set myself up for empty promises?
So you’ll say we were on the same page
But really you’re not on the same page as me, and If you’re not then
I have to say goodbye, or maybe you’ve said goodbye
And I’m the dumb ass that’s waiting for a call or meet up that I’ll never get
Because my feelings are already in way too deep
And I’m afraid if I continue I’ll hit rock bottom
And you’ll be on the next plane to ecstasy with the next bitch
While I’ll be locked away in a cold prison called sadness with other women
Suffering from a broken heart, withdrawal and stupidity syndrome
Yeah, so why should I continue to play the fool for you?
When what you said you wanted in a woman is staring you in your face: ME
And yet, I’m just not enough for you
So I see
What matters to me doesn’t matter to you
And I’m assuming you have a better woman or women in your life
To fulfill all of your useless needs
Thanks for the good time
But I’m not up for the usage anymore
Because I am worth more than just a good time in the bedroom
My shop is now closed to you.
You’re no longer privileged to feast in this shop, steal goodies, and use what you want, come and go as you please and not give a damn about anything but your own wants and needs. SELFISH ASS. So yes, I’m through. My heart, feelings and emotions are now switched off.
Because I refuse to accept your pack of lies & I’ll no longer be stupid & be your spare tire when you need a good fix


Copyright ©2011 LaRita C.