Monday, May 14, 2012

Feeling you feeling me

I can't stop the ache that's coming from in between my legs. As I stare into your eyes my body quivers, urgency knocks. The mere thought of your hands all over my fruit strikes anxiety within me. Filled with uncontrollable thoughts and urges, I pull you close and press my lips into yours. Your sweet and soft kiss feels like a sweet melody...the sound of the sea. I close my eyes, I see you. I open my eyes, I see you. I peel your clothes off like a banana being peeled; your eyes tell me that you're ready. Our bodies mesh into each other's, a feeling that can't be explained.
Slowly losing control, I climb on top of you and kiss you deeply and passionately. A beautiful sigh of ecstasy slips from your lips as I trail my kisses down your neck. My name escapes you and you beg me not to stop, your wish is my command. I grab your neck and lightly sink my teeth into your skin like a vampire. I can tell you’re pleased by the way you grab my waist, pushing me deep into you I grind my hot and dripping secretions on top of yours; you take your tongue and glide it across my body like a paint brush painting a portrait, the art of making love. Two beings latched to each other like a key stuck in a lock. No exit wanted. I urgently drop to the floor pulling you on top of me. I want to taste the best fruit from the cherry tree. My tongue begs to have you for breakfast lunch and dinner from dusk till dawn, morning, noon and night, wanting you Like a desert needing the rain, this shit is as serious as a venomous snake....
Words cannot express the ramped thoughts of you and I How much I anticipate the next moment of you and I And until that moment when we become one You'll crave me until my lips meet your body Feeling you feeling me.... Can you feel it?