Saturday, November 27, 2010

If Only For Tonight

If Only for Tonight

If only for tonight
Your touch was wanted

A need for your embrace
A need for your arms to be
Wrapped around my body

Your lips pressed softly
And gently against mine

A sweet and slow kiss
Full of intensity and passion

Would have set the night right
Because your touch was wanted

My mind, my body and my spirit
Was in an alone state

Simply wanting to share an intimate
Moment with you, weather it being right
Or wrong, but if only for tonight

I could have had a moment where we'd look
Into each other's eyes and feel whatever we were free to feel

Being right or wrong, the connection we have cannot
Be ignored, because I know you have felt it and maybe you still do

Only you know what you feel, and I know if only for tonight
I would have had the chance to lay in your arms, feel your kisses
Trail my neck, my back, down to my breast, and maybe more

If only for tonight, you could have wrapped your body around mine

And held me until the sun came up

I would have been completely yours

Copyright ©2010 LaRita C.