Sunday, September 14, 2008

Special Thanks

I just want to say thank you to all of my readers. Thank you for taking the time out to come thru to my blogspot to read and leave your comments. All comments are welcome. There is nothing here but peace and love. I touch on topics that people have asked to to speak on that is what this blog page is about: Speaking on requested subjects, giving my personal input and expressing myself the way that I wanna. When you enter Juicy's World, you should just relax, read, listen to my music, play a game below, read your lovescope, read a funny quote and leave your comments. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas or topics you'd like discussed just hit me up and we'll talk.


Why do people change? Pertaining to family, friends or relationships. Why do people change?

There could have been this one family member that you were close to from childhood. The two of you use to just click and understand each other because no one else understood the two of you, one of those things. But it's like as you grew older, you grew apart, meaning you no longer are on the same level possibly, chose different paths, no longer have that closeness and after a period of time stopped speaking on a regular or stopped speaking all together. So in a way you feel that the person changed. Yes it's true that people do grow older and go their seperate ways but does that mean the closeness should have left or slowly faded away? Does that mean that time spent should have been lost and the phone calls should have stopped?...........People change.

Why do friends change? Yes everyonne has their different ways but then sometimes you start to see a different side of a person that's suppose to be called your "Friend". In my opinion, a friend is suppose to be there for you thru thick and thin, not only when the going is bad but also when the going is good. A friend is suppose to be there when you need someone to talk to, or you could just be bored or lonely at that point and just wanna chat for a few. Is your so called friend suppose to: Not answer the phone cause they don't feel like being bothered, brush you off the phone, telling you they'll call you back and you don't hear from them until like the next day or maybe days later, but when their going thru something your suppose to be there and be all ears?? Hmmm. Or she/he could be too busy wrapped up in their own world they don't have time to talk really or do anything else with you. That could really suck. It could also suck when things between you and your friend are going cool and then all of a suden you find yourself disconnected from that person, you barley talk, hardly ever hang out, and whenever you do invite that person to do things they always can't make it...What's that all about?...So why do people change? Then your friend all of a sudden now wants to notice the change in your actions and start to feel a certain way...They've noticed that you've been keeping your distance...But it's for a reason...Because people change...When things in their life are going well or when people in their lives are finally back "Down to earth" then it's like you were just the friend I use to be real close with and now your no longer needed because she/he has so many other important things to do and that's just the way it is...So...People changed when you stayed the same...And you question yourself: Was I wrong to distance myself?...So now I have changed as well, calling less, taking care of my own business and issues without your close advice and shoulder to lean on or cry on...So the question remains...Will things ever go back to they way it use to be?
Juicy's Opinion: Well, sometimes in life people change. It's just the way it is. Personally in my life, friends have came and gone. The real friends are present and the ones you no longer associate with were never truly your friends. I can and will admit that I am not perfect and I can be bitchy at times, but I truly love all of my friends and when a friend really needs me, I am there, but I will expect the same in retun. I don't like phony people with phony stuck up attitudes. Everyone lies sometimes, but does it make since for a chick to always lie about her shit to make it seem like her shit never stinks? You gotta watch out for that type of friend so....Keep your enemies close....but your shady friends and haters closer. That makes sense to me. And to set the record straight to a certain individual: It's not that I feel that I'm so much on this more maturer level. It is that I am mature, I am a strong woman and I demand respect and will give it. I bleed like everyone else, I have a tough side as well as a soft side and I can speak from experience and from what I've heard from others. People come to me for advice because I am a positive person and I will never call you stupid for making certain decisions. I will stand by you, tell you my opinion because I am your friend, and advise you what your too good to settle for.