Thursday, November 6, 2008

Friends and New Years Resolution

Friends come and go but the real ones are the one's who are still around. I love my friends and just wanna say a quick thank you for being there for me. This past year has been a rough one as far as my love life and god always help me get through, and my peeps. I don't keep my circle large because every bitch is not to be trusted, and my patience is really too thin to deal with snobbish-acting, phony, fake, un-real, stuck up people who call themselves your frineds and i'm You come to find out that she's not really your friend...FAKE. I don't have time for it and I won't put up with it. I also understand that friends sometimes outgrow each other, it's just the way it is. Sometimes you come to a point when you just don't feel like dealing with someone's constant bullshit and lying. So, here it is. I am listing my New Years Resolutions early and one of them is to completely cut people off that are of no use in my life. It makes no sense to call someone a friend and they don't play or act the part. I do realize that friends have their ups and downs, but a real friend is gonna be there and have your back, lend their ear when you need it, be there for moral support, tell you things that you may not wanna hear because their honest. A real friend is not always gonna agree with you, and I feel that real friends should respect each other and be able to joke around, laugh, kid with each other, have fun together, cry together and just be there when your friend needs you. You should feel confortable in your own skin around your friend, not feel out of place or weird, feeling like you don't trust that person and have so many complaints that it's never ending. That's insane. I may in bitch mode at times, and that sometimes....but when it comes to my friends I will never take out my anger or frustration on her. Never. No one is perfect, and it takes a real woman to apologize for her wrong doings and mistakes, and if I feel that I may have done wrong then I'll apologize. If I feel I have no reason to apologize because I didn't do anything then fuck no, i'm not apologizing. I say when i'm wrong because no one is perfect, and with a new year fastly approaching, all fake people will be executed out of my life for good. Life is too short to put up with unnecessary bullshit, to cause yourself to become stressed over a bitch that aint even worth it. I recognize who is there for me and who is really out to support me in anything that I do even if they don't agree with it, that is what a true friend does. Simple, and I am ALWAYS there for my friends.
So......Resolution 1. Cutting off unnecessary people in my life and people who are not really friends and don't act or play the part.