Saturday, February 19, 2011

Silly of me

I had never felt so sure about being with someone in my life
Wanted to spend my days with you, my nights with you
Wanted to show you all of me, from the inside out
Was so ready to slowly let down my guard and trust again
Wanted to show you the softer side of me, the side that made loving possible
Wanted to offer you the key to unlock my heart, I wanted you to be my ultimate love; I felt like you may have been the one, felt like I would finally be happy for a change but that idea quickly changed. Silly of me to think I could ever have you for myself; Silly of me for thinking I could be the one to make you happy; Silly of me for falling for you, saying I love you, telling you all I wanted was you in my present & future
Silly of me to offer you all of my great qualities, silly of me for believing you trusted me with your heart; silly of me for spending countless nights listening to love songs, missing you, yearning for you
Craving your touch, wanting to be in your presence, wanting you to be the only one to make love to me, silly of me for having all of these silly thoughts, silly of me for living in a fantasy world
Thinking that anything and everything was possible, when in actuality, nothing was possible because you didn’t want it to be possible. The love that I wanted to fall in love with never gave me the chance to show love ultimately from the interior to the exterior….
So much false hope; so much time waisted; so much I looked forward to for...nothing. You spoke those three words...I love you... but if you truly loved me, then you'd be in my present instead of now being my past.

Goodbye love