Saturday, September 17, 2011


Chasing dreams
Chasing clouds
Chasing Love
Chasing heartache
Chasing... a dream

Sunlight in disguise crept into my window
Seeping into my eyes one morning
I was...blinded

Blinded by what I thought was love
Darkness quickly came & wrapped its hands
Around my sunlight,Choking it limp

The sky turned dark
Winds blew severely
Birds scurried far away
I heard crying, screams & pain
I looked down and fell to my knees
Watching my heart crumble
Into more than a million pieces

I looked up with tears flowing from my eyes
Only to find... a body with no soul or spirit
Peering down at me with no remorse or regret
This physical form walks over me, stepping on the pieces of my heart
Walking toward darkness, I fell to my back
And gave in as the ocean's biggest wave consumed me

Love...left me to die

Chasing fantasies
Chasing stars
Chasing heartbreak
Chasing you
When I really was
Chasing...a dream
A dream that would never come true

From Flakes to Dust

My heart was once mighty and hard
Now it feels broken and Scarred
Now with pieces shattered and cold
You stole my heart and now its sold
I find a piece here and there
I feel I’ve searched almost everywhere
I had the peices found and was ready again to trust
But yet again my heart you bust
The pieces are smaller and harder to find
I feel as though I am losing my mind
Some pieces are lost and it makes my heart bleed
Your corrupt love I do not need
I yelled for you until my voice was hoarse
Now whats left is jagged and coarse
If I only knew what your love would do
I would have never said I belonged to you
You Squeezed my weakend heart until it bust
Now everythings gone from flakes to dust…

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