Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Need You

I need you

More the than sunlight needing to shine

More than the moon needing the night

More than the clouds needing the sky

I need you so bad it hurts more than a mutha

More than the earth needing the rain

More than my heart can fukin bear

More than you'll ever really know

I need you so bad that it's killing me

So bad that these butterflies are making me sick

I wanna scream

I wanna cry

I wanna protest

I wanna fight

I wanna confess

I love you so much, more than love itself

I would do anything to have you back in my life

Spend the rest of my days making up to you what I did

Baby, You are my soulmate, the one I was meant to be with

Yes, I threw our love away, but with you I was beyond happy

Maybe back then wasnt our time, but will it ever be our time again?

How could it be when your in the arms of another? My heart sunk

Sunk to the bottom of my stomach, beause I realize what I had and I let it go

Now your in the arms of another, someone who is obviously your soulmate

She was made for you, but you were made for me

And if I had a second chance

I swear I would give you ALL of me....but, apart of me feels like there will

be no second chance for us, and this is my fate..... to be without you

I'm numb without your love

Your love is the one that set me free and made me see

That love out of a fairy tale book does exist

My heart hasn't been the same without you

And if I never have you back, my heart will 4ever be missing a peice

I need you, and it crushes my heart to see and know that your heart belongs

To someone else...

I need you so much

That's all I can say

And there's nothing I can do but...

Watch you live your life in happiness with someone else.....

God, this hurts so bad


I will 4ever need you.

Copyright ©2010 LaRita C.