Friday, January 7, 2011

Officially Wanting You


If wanting you is wrong

Then I don't ever wanna be right

I'd rather be wrong for the rest of my life

Then to be without you

A piece of my heart dies slowly each day

Knowing that you’re gone

But If I could have just a piece of your love

I’d rather have that then to have nothing at all

I have come to the realization that indeed

Loving you is wrong but…

I can’t help myself

Absolutely not, and I know I should care but…

Let the truth be known: I love you


And although I do respect you and what you have

That will NEVER stop my heart from feeling you in it

So if loving you is wrong, then let it be wrong

Because being right is NOT an option for me


If you dig deep into your heart

Will you find me in it?

I’m as serious as death

Will you find at least a piece of me

Buried inside of your heart?

Will you close your eyes

Picture us together

Our lips softly gracing each other’s

My hands caressing your beautiful skin

Trailing deep and passionate kisses along your neck

Your arms wrapped around me tightly…like you don’t wanna let go

My tongue dancing around yours

Baby… I’m getting weaker by the seconds

Thinking about our bodies pressed against one another's....

It's official, I want you, I really do

So If these feelings are wrong

Tonight, I don’t wanna be right

Tonight I wanna appreciate you

From the top of your head

Down to the bottom of your feet


I wanna make love to you.

Copyright ©2011 LaRita C.