Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am Poetry

I am poetry

I am poetry
From the top of my head

Down to the bottom of my feet
I’m like a breath of fresh air
Once you inhale you’ll slowly exhale

Savoring every inch of me
Not wanting to waste a moment of this pure goodness

I am poetry

Can’t you tell?
My lips are like a sweet succulent peach
One taste will leave you speechless and desiring more

Do you like how juicy they look? Mmmm

I am poetry

From the nape of my neck and my soft skin

Down to the thickness of my body
Is your mouth watering yet baby?

My eyes, they’ll draw you in

Pulling you deeper into my trance

So deep that you’ll get lost in me

I am poetry
Like a T-bone steak
That’s been slowly cooked to perfection

Like a mug filled with delicious sweet hot chocolate
Slowly melting the marshmallows and warming your body up with the quickness

I am poetry

Like a flower that begins to bloom

Like a rainbow butterfly
Sitting on the edge of the ocean’s blue water…beautiful
I am poetry

I’m thick like honey
Sweeter than candy

Taste like milk chocolate

Melting in your mouth and never in your hands

Gets wetter than a rain storm…so wet you’ll be drenched…but satisfied for sure

I am poetry

When the paint glides

Across the canvas

When the paint brush graces the page
You began to work on your masterpiece

It’s a beautiful piece about poetry
Like no other that’s ever been created
Filled with definition and character

Nothing else can compare
To this work of art
You stayed up all night working on it
Taking your time, making sure no angles were missed
Or even a beat
Poetry was created, the best thing that there ever was

I am poetry



Intoxicating….should I go on?

Close your eyes and consume me entirely…mmm
I am poetry

LaRita C.
Copyright ©2009 LaRita C.