Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost Soul

You are not my enemy
But just a thing of my past
My heart turned cold
After all that's been said and done
My heart can no longer feel for something like you
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to dust
I've burried you recently
Killing you was a must
You didn't deserve a life
With a being like me in it
Let alone without me in it
All thoughts & memories
A makeship of dust I flushed away yesterday
Rest In peace

You are not my enemy
But just a thing of my past
We no longer exist
A vivid speckle of mist
Which turned into nothing
That's what you are and what you have become
Step into the darkness
And fall to your death
Take a bow
The show has just ended
You are I are no longer a memory
But just a figment of one's Imagination

This sudden change has punctured my soul
Opening my eyes wide to fact that I mean nothing
You mean nothing, we mean nothing, there's nothing
For you to even say at this point but to remain
Burried, don't reach for me, don't call for me
Don't even look at me, don't utter my name out
Of your chapped lips, skin as rough as the ground
And eyes filled with nothing but sewage

Blind to fact that your journey was to be continued
Walking the plank with your leveled soul
Walking into the light with your being as one

You are not my enemy
But Just a thing of my past
A thing that my walls have shut down for
No entry allowed because you are not worthy
Of a genuine, whole-hearted forgiving fruit as I
Who else would't allow someone in who'd give their life?
Who would beckon at your dying wish? Who'd be there until
You took your last breath, You couldn't possibly Imagine
And see the sweet fruit in me, a fruit you'd want to keep forever
But you took the fruit as I and threw it away
And before I died, you as well were dead to me

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Destroying every part of you
Was a must
To rid all details of you
That reminded me how cold & dead
Life had become when you abandoned
someone you said you loved
You couldn't possibly love yourself
Because loving yourself would mean
You loving me and you hate that, so you hate yourself

When you reach out for your soul
It'll be gone...