Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why Choose Me?

Why Choose to worship inside of my Love??

Because, I can love you like no other

Treat you the way you’re SUPPOSED to be treated

My love is sacred, secure, warm and plentiful

My love will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine

No more pain, no more distress or stress, no more worries

No more searching for something that’s right in front of your face

I’m here baby, ready, willing, able, and capable. Take my hand and follow

me. Words mean nothing without action, so allow me to show you

Because I can definitely show you better than I can tell you, I’m ready,

are you?

Why choose to worship inside of my love??

Because my love is accepting, never judging you

From your past experiences but open and willing to mend your broken

heart, willing to show you that love is REAL and it still exists

My love is understanding, patient, comforting and empathetic

This love is worth worshiping in, may overwhelm you at times but never

deny you. My love will have you feeling so many things that

At times, you may be confused by what you’re feeling, but you will

Soon understand the true essence of falling, feeling this deep

connection, so intense that you will forget about your ex and all the

pain that she caused you. Your past will indeed become a thing of the

past, for I will erase your hurt and replace it with Joy, which includes:

long talks, long walks, dinners by candlelight, sharing the simple things

in life, making each other happy, feeling pure bliss inside out, trust,

honesty, loyalty, sincerity, communication, compassion, consideration, I

can go on but I won’t. Are you ready to be happy and let go of your

hurtful past? Come with me. My love is here, you choose.

Why choose to worship inside of my love??

Because with me you can be yourself, for everyone has faults, no one is

perfect. With me, you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not.

With me, you will experience……what it feels like to feel complete,

knowing that someone has your back in good times and in bad, we can

comfort each other, stare into each other’s eyes, hold each other tight,

make sweet passionate love along with feeling this deep-rooted

connection, laying in each other’s arms, watch the sun rise and sun set,

none of this is impossible baby. So, are you ready for this? Time,

appreciation, attention….let me end your bitter thinking and lead you

into the light with me, where you’ll never have to walk alone.

I promise you, my love is worth worshiping in.

All that you’ve been looking for, all that you’ve hoped and longed for

has finally arrived. Come abroad this ship and sail away with me.

Trust and believe, your heart is safe with me my love.

I can’t spend eternity trying to convince you how real I am. Try me, and

you will see, no mistakes will be made by choosing to worship in my love,


Why choose to worship inside of my love??

Because this is a place of comfort and security

Don’t be afraid. All that you are looking for is here. Look into my eyes

and believe, have faith, step inside, let yourself go, fall and I will

catch you. You’ve come to the right place

Come worship inside of my love.

LaRita C.
Copyright ©2010 LaRita C.