Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Love Equals Simplicity

My love
Is one that's not complicated
But is simple and real
If I tell you I love you
Then believe me, I do
But love should never be a one way street
Love should always be proven with action
It never takes much
To make a girl like me happy
My Love Equals Simplicity

My love doesn't require
Materialistic trinkets for happiness
My love cannot be brought
My love remains.....simple
Quality time
Wining and dinning
Special and memorable moments
A love that can be given and received
By both people
My Love Equals Simplicity

I love to love
I love being in love
Having that intimate and deep connection
Having similar qualities and similar interests
It feels so good, being wanted and appreciated
Being loved, you looking into each others eyes
Appreciating each other as a whole
Holding hands
Making plans
Making love
Having out-of-this-world-sex
That takes you to new heights
Feeling so many things that
You've never felt before
A love like mine can have you
All up in love & smiling because
Loving me is never a mistake
My Love Equals Simplicity