Sunday, January 2, 2011


This time around....I wanted it to be so different...So I closed my eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep... I ended up In what appeared to be fantasy land, where everything seemed so serene and peaceful.I felt few worries, no stress, everything seemed to feel...different. I took a seat by a pond. The water was so amazingly beautiful, literally sparkling, my soul pounded with delight and I was smiling from cheek to cheek.Startled by the tap on my shoulder, I jumped meet the eyes of someone so breathtaking, I became speechless, not knowing what to say next. The stranger
introduced himself and lifted my hand in the most delicate way.
I blushed with delight and my stomach stirred with butterflies... what was going on? I quickly dashed away, hearing the stranger calling after me, but how did he know my name? Filled with confusion, I turned around and the stranger was gone.I jumped up from the deep sleep, wiped the sweat from my head and looked around my room as if I would spot the stranger. Wow. My head instantly pounded with a massive headache.

The next night, I fell into another deep sleep. I end up back at the pond, my eyes searched all around for the stranger. It was only within seconds of seeing the stranger the night before that I realized how drawn to his spirit I was. It felt right to be in his presence. I wanted to know more about him, where he was from, I wanted to know him from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, on a mental level, spiritual level, emotional level, physical level....I wanted this time around to be different. Surprisingly while I was in deep thought the stranger had sat beside me. I was nervous but we talked for what seemed like hours. By the end of the conversation, my soul felt connected to his. We were like two pure natural beings. He was the earth and I was his Sun. Our connection was so deep that we had already developed this mutual understanding for one another.

For the next weeks, I continued to have this same dream, the stranger and I meeting up, talking, walking, holding hands, so heavily and deeply connected we were like two magnets that couldn't be pulled away from each other. I wanted to be his everything. I had NEVER felt that way about anyone. Sometimes I often wondered, was is just a dream, was it just a fantasy? When was I going to get my chance to experience the ultimate feeling of love? Hell, what was the Ultimate feeling of love? Was it taking the time to really know one another, trusting each other, communicating with one another, respecting one another, being patient with one another, accepting one another, being real with one another, taking the necessary quality time to actually love one another, spending this amazing time together to get to that level of learning how to meet that person's needs on all levels. Taking long strolls through the park together, dining together, engaging in several activities together to keep the hearts strong and pumping, traveling together, taking strolls along the beach, taking pictures together to bookmark the love that was written in the skies, sharing so many intimate moments together with each other, around family and friends.... was this the Ultimate love? Going above and beyond to prove how you feel about a person? Having consideration for the person's thoughts and feelings? Treating each other like you really matter to one another, being in love and blinded by love because it existed in both partners, this is the kind of love that I wanted.

For one week straight I didn't have the dream. I went to bed disappointed and alone. I wanted to have this dream because it felt so real..... and the next night as I turned the key in my door I dropped my bag of groceries as I spotted him....the stranger! What was really going on? His eyes met mine, as if he knew me. His jaw dropped. We came close to each other. As I began to speak he put his finger to my mouth and said...please....don't speak. You feel as real as my flesh and my heart that pounds a million beats per second. Please....if this is a dream,if seeing you is a dream, then please...don't ever wake me. I think I have found my Soul Mate. A tear drop rolled down my cheek as his lips pressed against mine.My dream turned into reality.I held tight and never let go.

Copyright ©2011 LaRita C.