Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who is LaRita?

Hello People!!! It's been a long minute since I wrote a blog, so I just wanted to reach out to whomever do read this blog. So, Who is LaRita? Who am I? I am a mother, a lover and there can be no ther, L.A.R.I.T.A. Ok, lol. So only a few people really know who I am, other know of me and the rest may be bullshit that people say, if it's negative, lol. I keep it real, bout 98% of the time, try not to hurt people's feelings. So, as of last July, 2009, I am now a published author. I write poetry, short stories and my first novella will be publsihed this year 2010 very soon. The title of my latest book of poetry is titled, "Love Without a Limit," by LaRita C. I am sooooo sooooo very proud of myself for following my dreams and making it reality. I am very proud of my first work and the people who supported me I will never forget: Essence, Keisha, Kasim, Aunt Josephine, Elease, Paula. Thanks mom, bro and sis for reading my book and realizing that I do what I set out to do. If anyone else did purchase my book and I didn't mention you, I am very sorry and your support was well appreciated. This is the beginning for me. This year, hopefully before the winter I will be releasing my novella titled, "Bitter: An Eye for An Eye," under my new publication Go Getta Publications. I have so many ideas, hopes and plans and I am putting them into action. I am...A GO GETTA. I recently joined this women's empowerment group/Sista Cirle called L.A.C.E.S. and I am so excited to be paired with other strong black doing great things in the community and for the community. Next month June 2010, I will an official college graduate with my Bachelor's of Science in Human Services, and continuing on to Graduate school in Fall 2010. I also look forward to becoming a mentor to a teenage girl to aid in guiding her the right way in life. I know that I can't do it all but I am damn sure gonna try, lol. I know that God won't put too much on me that I can't bear, so lil mama gonna twork it out, yesssss, lol. I am pretty much a positive female. I only like POSITIVE people in my circle and in my corner. I have no time for fake ones, perps, frauds or shady people. Only people who are really there for me I need and want in my circle. I am a positive lady about doing positive things and I LOVE everyone who is still in my corner and who was true to their words. It means so much to have at least one person who has your back, supports you unconditionally and love you for you no matter what. I have had too many people enter and leave my life who were selfish, envious, wicked and weak. Those are not the type of people I want to share my life with. Be true to me and I will be true to you. I am that real SCORPIO. Love me or hate me, If I ever told you that I loved you, I meant it and chances are, I will always love you. Anyway, enough of that sentimental shyt, lol. This is who I am. This is who LARITA is. xoxoxo.