Sunday, November 16, 2008

My B-day weekend

This weekend, actually yesterday was my birthday and I was just left feeling very disappointed by certain family members loved ones and friends. I didn't expect much, but I did get some beautiful roses and a beautiful card from my babe , which I loved. Again, I'm a simple woman and didn't expect much. But I was very disappointed that certain people didnt even bother to call me to wish me a happy b-day. These are people that may say they care about me, people that have the nerve to call me their friend, but when my b-day phone hey what are you doing for your nothing. And family? They know my number only when they need something but for any other reason all of a sudden their in their own world and don't bother to call....I REPEAT...ONLY WHEN THEY NEED SOMETHING OR WHEN THEIR TRYING TO SELL SOMETHING...So I keep my distance like everyone else do. And it hit me today as I cried because I feel like when I call someone my friend, or I care about someone I make sure I am there, for moral support and any type of support. When you call me anytime of the morning, afternoon and night, I may be tired as hell but will at least pick up my phone to talk and just be there to listen. If your going thru something, i'm there. If you need me to go with you somewhere because you don't wanna go alone, and you call me, i'm there. So why when it comes to me I get left hanging like i'm not important? It's just a sad thing and for this reason I have stopped calling people that say they are my frineds, my friends. It makes no sense. In the summer time when I wanted to venture out and try something new, I felt like I had to practically beg certain so-called friends to support my endeavours. Is it suppose to be like that? No. People that say they care about you are supposed to show it, supposed to be there for you. And yet, i feel that I have been making myself too available for people but when it comes to me, it's like whatever, i'm busy. They say life is a learning experience, and I am learning each and everyday....

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