Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey baby's me
Let me ask you something
Have you been thinking about me
The way that I've been thinking about you?
On some real serious shit
I need you, seriously wanting you
So come on, cum to me, & be prepared
Be prepared to take this love to a new height
I'm ready
Ready for you to devour me
Got my mind right
My body right
Oh yeah, you know what time it is
Time we put our loving to the test
Baby, make love to me
Make love to my physical, my mental
My emotional, my spirit
Make love to my soul
Bring me back to life baby...
Close your eyes & press your lips against mine, lets begin

There's no other place I would rather be right now
Than in your arms and in between your legs
Feeling your sweet succulent tongue flicker my.....
Sucking every inch of my body
Yes baby...
I'm more than ready to fall deep into your love
But tell me...are you ready for this?
Cause it look like you got one foot in
And one foot out the door
And if with me is where you really wanna be
Then let your actions do the talking, be ready
Cause I'm ready to give you all of me, from head to toe
Inside &, before you even touch my body
Lets deeply connect and stimulate each other's mind...Telekinesis
Wet & slippery & you haven't even touched it yet
Baby, how you gonna handle that?
Lets not waste any time talking...

Come in, close the door behind you
Make yourself comfortable
Have a glass of wine with me
Lets suck on these juicy strawberries & grapes
You like that right? Yes, I know you do
Do you like what I'm wearing?
Its your favorite color
Oh and the pumps, yeah, I'll keep those on all night
Come here.........

1 comment: said...

Looka there at miss ladye you are too hot for t.v and even words. These men and women not ready for that real stuff on that poetic tip. Romance, passion, fire and desire. That thing called L.O.V.E. Knockem down gurl. Gurl you be killem them.(fabulous)